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We use art, technology, and
performance to inspire and activate
business, employee, and consumer

Make Connections
People Remember

It’s not as easy as it used to be. In a noisy and distracted world, we deliver your stories in powerful, meaningful, and unexpected ways.

See the Shots

Legends and
(Thought) Leaders

Our unique expertise in entertainment generates astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime moments – onstage, onscreen, and in person. Count on us for the perfect speaker, athlete, or artist.

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The Customer Is Always Right

We maintain long, strong relationships with very happy clients. And they don’t mind saying so.


I know we had a lot of presenters, personalities, demos and videos. But once again, your team stayed in synch with us, not missing a beat and making sure every video, demo, script, and note was perfect. Thank you all so much, it was a true pleasure to have you as part of our team and to partner on a killer section at Company Meeting.

- Aaron Greenberg

Sr. Director,
Studios Marketing Group,
Global Product Marketing

I wanted to thank you for what was truly an exceptional CA World. Your artistry, vision, coaching, and of course execution was your all- time best. The show felt much bigger and brighter than ever before. I know what you give up in your personal lives to do a show a like this and I hope you can find some reward by knowing your work makes a difference and made a difference this week for many, many, many people both inside and outside of CA. My utmost respect and gratitude.

- Anna Griffin

SVP, Corporate Marketing
CA Technologies 

More than ten years ago, we found a true partner in G&R. We rely on them year after year for sales meetings, product launches, managers meetings, and more. They have taken the time to understand our goals and consistently bring creative ideas that help turn our vision into action.

- Dave LeCause

Vice President, U.S. Eye Care Sales

Hands down this was the most buttoned up and fun launch event I’ve done – and it was completely because of you guys, and your amazing team. You guys were prepared for everything we could have possibly needed (and things I probably didn’t need, but you helped with anyway). You guys are THE BEST – hope to work with you again!

- Emily Martin

Director, Brand Marketing

Kudos again to the G&R team, delivering another phenomenal show for Allergan Retina! From inception to awards dinner close, y’all were on your top game and delivered a world class product. You are all great to work with and make a long and detail-fraught process seem like an adventure.

- Harry Davis

National Sales Director, Retina

Wow! Where do I begin? It was such an amazing evening on every level. We were so pleased with the way things turned out in every way!! People are still commenting on it. We will always remember this special evening.

- Janet Nolet

Owner, Nolet Distillery
Ketel One

Thank you so much! And congrats on an epic, epic team. Such pros and funny and cool. Great collaboration all the way around.

- John Kelly

VP, Executive Communications
CA Technologies

When we use G&R, I never worry. You are the absolute best at making EVERYONE look great, from the people on stage to the nail biters in the first row.

- Karen Such

Senior Director, Global Events
Juniper Networks

You were a dream to work with and masterfully helped us shape a rough narrative into a beautiful, compelling story. It was truly a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all of your hard work to make Xbox shine! Looking forward to next time!

- Kari Dilloo

US Director of Marketing

What an amazing keynote! It was one of my all-time favorites. People were so impressed. The verbal and visual storytelling, creativity, commitment to authenticity, and general excellence – wow! Thank you all so much for your commitment. I know you all made sacrifices to make this keynote great, and I appreciate it so much.

- Kristin Peterson

Senior Director

G&R Live are the very best at their craft. A team that you enjoy working with at every stage of the process, creative flair and production fit and finish that you can count on again and again. They have been my go-to partners for over a decade and there’s no important event I would do without them.

- Lauren Flaherty

CA Technologies

Just gotta say it – ­again – ­YOU GUYS ROCK. Thanks for all of the support in developing, preparing, and then delivering another successful keynote. I am continually amazed at how easy you make these very difficult events. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all that you do to make our brand, our products, and me as a presenter, look top-shelf. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I couldn’t be happier.

- Matt Barlow

Corporate Vice President
Marketing Leader for Windows, Xbox, Bose

G&R makes it so simple. It’s remarkable how, in a few short conversations, Chris and the team turn exploratory thoughts into astonishingly original events – always perfectly executed. They deliver topline talent and knockout experiences, every time.

- Mellody Hobson

Ariel Investments

I can’t thank you enough. All of the feedback I have received, as well as my own assessment, was that the conference was a tremendous success. CA World was a fantastic event and your leadership, experience and ability to get it done made all the difference in the world.

- Mike Gregoire

CA Technologies

I continue to be impressed by the work G&R delivers. The press, client feedback and internal comments have been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve much appreciation for your role in making that happen. Together, we pulled off an amazing event, and I’m so grateful for all of your support. It was a genuine pleasure to work with such a creative, talented, dedicated and fun-loving team.

- Stacy Elliott

Senior Director, Executive Communications

It's a Long Way
to Show Day

The run-up to any live event is complex and
ever-changing. We’re with you every step of the way – from insight, to onsite.

Good Ideas are
a Good Start

But big thinking is only part of the equation. Smart strategy guides our creative process. Then we make it relevant and real with meticulous planning and unwavering execution – delivering the precise, unique, valuable experience your audience deserves.

The biggest names depend on us

We consistently deliver for some of the most visible brands on the planet.

When the Stakes
are Highest

We find unique ways to communicate inspired ideas so key messages are relevant and compelling. Recently, we sent a tech CEO on a multi-pitch climb up a 300-foot rock in Grand Teton National Park.

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You Can Trust Us

We are serious, focused professionals with a well-earned reputation for reliability, adaptability, and results.

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Every journey
has a beginning...

In 1931, Gail & Rice was founded as an entertainment-booking agency, serving the automotive industry in Detroit.
The company quickly expanded its capabilities in creative communications and live production,
and captured the attention of other business sectors.

In 2005, Chris Janese and Scott Berlin opened Gail & Rice in San Diego, expanding the company’s reach and augmenting its capabilities with new perspectives, personnel, and partners. The west coast office built a strong and diverse client list, spanning numerous industries and disciplines. Our client portfolio now encompasses automotive, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, and retail – as well as private customers, philanthropic groups, and non-profits.


We are G&R Live. This identity shift honors our Gail & Rice foundation and sets the tone for our next phase of growth,
as we continue to help brands make statements, businesses tell stories, and people create lasting connections.

Wherever You Go,
There We Are

Our home office is in San Diego, but we work all over the world. Wherever you are going, we’ve likely been there. And we’re ready to go back.

What Could Possibly
Go Wrong?

When it’s live, there are no do-overs. We understand what’s on the line, and our obsession with details and contingencies is just shy of annoying. But it’s critically important to consider risks and rewards, then plan accordingly. We aim for perfection, yet we’re prepared for worst-case. We back up the backup.