Our unique expertise in entertainment generates astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime moments – onstage, onscreen, and in person. Count on us to recommend and secure the perfect speaker, athlete, or artist, for any occasion.

It’s really fun to deliver big stars to the stage, but the name on the marquee is just one part of a complex process. Awareness, access and buying power all factor in. Because we’re in the marketplace every day and buy millions of dollars annually from all the major agencies, we create rare opportunities and make great deals. However, the intangible difference is in the integration, and it’s an art form we’ve refined over decades in the industry. Whether it’s through a strong association to a promoted theme or reflecting an audience sentiment, every show has a story, and every act we produce helps us tell it.

Some of our clients want up-and-coming acts that have not yet broken through to national attention. Others want iconic artists to deliver hit after classic hit. From locals to legends, indies to A-listers, we know how to help our clients choose exactly the right performers to convey the look, energy, message, and material their audiences will love.