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Business, rewritten by software

New leadership at CA Technologies had repositioned the company to take on the emerging application economy. That required seismic shifts in vision, mission, products, and marketing – including CA World, their largest and most important event. While CA had re-launched their brand with a global ad campaign and were determined to reboot their image in front of analysts, employees, and the media, they didn’t want to alarm or alienate customers, prospects, and partners with “too much new stuff” at CA World. To complement the new campaign and unify the attendee experience, G&R designed CA World as an all-in-one environment, strategically crafted to keep everyone together – and engaged – throughout the entire conference. Every year since, we have carefully balanced traditional audience expectations with intentionally surprising additions to the CA World experience.

"CA world was a fantastic event and your leadership, experience and ability to get it done made all the difference in the world."
- Mike Gregoire, CEO, CA Technologies

"It was the entire atmosphere of the showcase, keynotes and presentation styles which gave us the feeling this is really a new CA – a CA that wants to shed the image of suits and complex solutions and replace it with T-shirts, jeans and cool, digital solutions."
- Forrester Media

"What I love about working with you is that it's just the way you're wired. And that's why time and time again working with G&R is an outstanding experience. On behalf of my team, and all of us from CA, thank you for helping us create a little magic this week."
- Lauren Flaherty, EVP & CMO, CA Technologies