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Game-Changing Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Since the formation of Microsoft’s AI + Research group, G&R has provided an array of consultative, creative, and production services to help refine, amplify, and effectively demonstrate the progress and potential of AI – for Microsoft, and for the world.

Our suite strategic communications services including scripts, media, graphics, photography, presentations, live demos, and guest speakers have supported Microsoft EVP Harry Shum and his large, global group of researchers and technologists since 2016, including main-stage presentations at top-tier events Microsoft Build, Microsoft Ready, and Microsoft AI: Innovate in China.

For his yearlong communications strategy, Harry’s team asked us to create a plan that would help authenticate Microsoft as a thought leader and competitive force in AI. Our response – “More Human” – was an internal/external campaign designed to emphasize not just the deep commitment, long-term investment, and objectives of Microsoft in AI, but the singular vision and unmatched proficiency that Harry Shum brings through his uniquely curious, optimistic, playful, and passionate personality. As a result, Microsoft’s unique AI perspective became a hot topic of conversation among technologists, industry watchers, analysts, media, and customers. The group’s perspective became a rallying point for Microsoft employees and partners, and a recruitment tool for the next generation of researchers and engineers. A powerful and emotive vision video introduced the “More Human” mindset, and preceded Harry to the stage for numerous presentations.

At Microsoft Ready, Harry’s keynote presented a unique opportunity to re-introduce the AI + Research group to the entire company – with 17,000+ in attendance in Las Vegas, and more than 40,000 watching the webcast, worldwide. Our script, presentation design, videos and live demos anchored Harry’s high-impact, hour-long keynote – culminating in a hilarious, app-driven Rap Battle competition between Microsoft’s AI bot, “Zo”, and Glee’s Harry Shum Jr.

We produce evergreen media assets that have fortified deeply the group’s communications with consistent, repeatable messages – providing incredible ROI throughout the year. Our recent testimonial feature introduced Microsoft researchers to a variety of audiences – from investor relations groups to the entire Microsoft workforce.

Specifically for media relations, we were challenged to make the very exciting, incredibly complex, fast-approaching era of Quantum Computing accessible to curious reporters with little knowledge of the topic. After weeks of interviews with various stakeholders, an approved script was artistically recreated into a customized visual language, designed to complement the Quantum Computing story we were telling. From there we produced a brisk and relatively brief animated video that tells the story in a way that is both comprehensive, and comprehensible.

"What an amazing keynote! People were so impressed. The verbal and visual storytelling, creativity, commitment to authenticity, and general excellence – wow!"
- Kristin Peterson, Senior Director, Microsoft